3 Reasons Why A Professional Should Design Your Website

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Should you design your website? We live in a Do-It-Yourself kind of world. You can’t turn on the television without one of those DIY shows being aired, and in fact, there is now a whole network devoted to them!

But what if there were some things that needed more attention than you had time to give to them? What if the one marketing tool that touches your customers more than any other needed more attention than you could give to it?

We believe it does. Many companies have sprung up trying to turn web design into a DIY industry, and some have definitely succeeded. The bottom line is, however, it may not be the best route.

Here are 3 reasons why I believe you should have a pro handle your web needs:

Reason #1: It’s not the best use of your time.

I have a friend who recently left the comfort, security, and stability of his day job in order to start his own business. He had always dreamed of supporting his family this way, and he decided to take the plunge. He reached out to me to build him a website, which I did happily, and have been advising him since on things that needed to be done and taking care of those things.

This man is an excellent, first-class HVAC tech. I mean he really gives the “big dogs” a run for their money. He has a family to feed and a business to build. You know what he is not? A web designer! Though he is reasonably priced, he could charge a hefty premium for his time. What a waste of his time and money it would be to learn how to build a website when I could do it for him!

If you are a business owner who places value on his time, please do not fall into the DIY website trap. Have a pro design your site so you can stick to what you do best – growing your business and supporting your family.

Reason #2: DIY websites tend to fall by the way.

I see this every day, and it is the main reason for radically overhauling our web design pricing a few months ago. Nothing is worse than building a website to simply be an online brochure that sits still for years on end. People want to see online activity from your business.

Of course, online activity can be displayed on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but your “home base” needs to be integrated with those things! Did you know that a blog post on your website can be instantly sent out to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other sites all at the same time?

Our company even offers a digital marketing add-on, to make sure that your site is always filled with fresh, new content. Your visitors want to see you in action, and a constantly up-to-date website is a great way to make sure that they do.

Reason #3: They know the industry – you don’t.

The tech industry as a whole is not stagnant, and neither is the web industry! Things are changing constantly on many fronts all at the same time – user experience, performance, security – these things are never the same from one day to the next, and you can’t possibly expect to have the time to keep up with these changes as well as devote the necessary time to growing your business.

A website left untouched and not updated is prone to viruses and malware, and can easily infect the computers of your customers as they browse your website. That is not a phone call you want to get, I promise.

Businesses like NorthMac and its competitors are deeply linked in with current industry knowledge and will be able to keep your website on the best possible course and in the best possible condition.

Consider Speaking With Us

I hope that if you fit into the category of folks who like to DIY everything, that you will consider at least speaking with us first about the benefits of a Managed Web Solution with NorthMac Services.

For a very affordable monthly rate, we’ll take all of the worry out of the web for you.

Contact us today to get started!



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