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Hey everyone – Steve here. As a company, we are seeing somewhat a of a natural shift in the type of business we are doing. Many know that my personal background is largely in the web development space, and because of that, I have been expanding my personal skill  set into another very important area – Internet Marketing. I won’t bore you with the details just yet, but I simply wanted to say that while I am learning and studying this craft, I am going to begin offering these services at HIGHLY discounted rates from what I will offer once I have improved upon my skill set. If you need web development and ESPECIALLY if you are in need of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing as a part of your business and website, now is the time to reach out and have us do the work for you. Just having a website set up is not enough anymore – you are going to have to get it in front of people in a very crowded marketplace, and proper Internet marketing is the way to accomplish this. We feel that this will be an important and natural step for our business, and we’re excited to offer another way to provide value for our customers.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what this means for the long term. This is something I am very passionate about, and I can definitely see it taking a step into the forefront of our business. Will it mean a different business altogether, or a re-branding of our current business? – I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m excited about it, and we can’t wait to share in this journey with our customers.

Thanks for your time!


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