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Since NorthMac was birthed last September, we have made every effort to learn more about our customers, and more about what kind of value we are looking to provide. We especially appreciate the opportunities you have allowed us and are grateful that in a sea of options, you would choose to do business with us. Now, we realize that when our customers call, they are typically frustrated by issues with their computer, and the last thing they want to be concerned with is how many hours they will have to pay a consultant for!

As many of you run businesses of your own, you understand the flip side of the coin – we have to make a profit. We all want to succeed in our businesses, and we all need to scratch out a living. That is why today, we are implementing a radical new approach to servicing our customers. We don’t desire to stare at the clock on the wall any more than you do, and so today we are officially announcing the move to a Hybrid Flat-Rate pricing model.

Hybrid Flat-Rate pricing means that we want to be upfront about the expectation you should have when calling us to support an issue. We have found that the majority of issues we encounter are resolved in less than three hours. This means we have the opportunity to provide customers with a sense of what to expect, and to simplify our pricing strategy going forward. Effective immediately, we are charging a flat $75 fee for all services which take less than three (3) hours to complete.

If the issue takes longer than three hours to solve, we will charge a modest $35/hour rate for the remainder of the time spent, billable on the half hour. We envision that only a tiny fraction of our support calls will ever be introduced to the hourly phase, but in the event that a call takes the majority of a day, our customers will pay a fair price for the work, and we will have earned a fair wage for our labor.

Again, we are so thankful and appreciative for the support you have shown during the early stages of growing this business. We hope that you’ll remain lifelong customers of ours and that you’ll share and spread the word about NorthMac!

– Steve



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