The Website Membership™

Managed Websites for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Influencers

Let’s make your website hassle-free. For good!

Life is too short to worry about building and maintaining a profitable website. You’ve got bigger fish to fry! You take care of your clients, and we’ll take care of your website.

Purposeful Design

Every piece of your website is carefully and intentionally placed. Nothing is pointless or by accident. Our designs have one goal: converting your prospects.

Flexible Development

We build on WordPress—the trusted, flexible, and secure industry standard Content Management System. The possibilities are endless.

Proactive Management

Let us handle the daily overhead. We’ll focus on hosting, security, and performance updates to keep things running smoothly.

What makes us different?

The Website Membership™ Model


We have members, not merely clients. As a member, you’ll enjoy a premium experience that makes our relationship much more like a partnership than a transaction. We truly want to partner in your success, so we build and manage a hassle-free, conversion-driven website for you so you can spend more time serving your clients.

Here’s what’s included with EVERY site we ship.

Customized Website

Each member will receive a website custom-designed from the ground up. We use the Divi theme as a base platform and build up from there.

Full Custom Logo Design

In the event that your business does not already have a logo, we will arrange to have one created as a part of this agreement.

On-Page SEO

Your website will be created with the intent of making it attractive and understandable both to customers and search engines.

Blogging Capabilities

Each Managed Website includes the capability to blog and host audio and video content.

Monthly Detailed Analytics

Each site includes a detailed monthly analytics report. This report is highly customizable and can be emailed to you each month.

Regular security and performance updates

We perform daily manual and automatic security and performance updates in order to keep your site functional and protected.

Security Suite and Firewall Installation w/ Intrusion Monitoring

We will install a comprehensive security plugin which proactively scans, monitors, and protects your website.

Daily Backups

We perform a daily backup of your website in order to ensure that we can restore your site to a similar state should a security event render your site unusable. 

1 hr. per month of requested updates and changes

Managed Website customers may take advantage of up to 1 hour per month of free website maintenance.

2 hr. Training per Year

If needed, up to two (2) hours of training will be provided to users wishing to learn how to safely update blog and other frequently changing content.

Clear, Simple Pricing

++Ministries and certain non-profits qualify for a discount on monthly services. Please contact for details.

Have a need that you feel is below or beyond what’s listed above? Book a call and let’s discuss how we can help accomplish your goals.

Our Promise:

  • A user-friendly experience; ease-of-use and clear communication is our specialty.
  • A customer-focused philosophy; you’re the hero of the story—not us! 
  • A spiritually-driven directive; we do our work well because we believe God demands nothing less.

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