Do You Like Free Stuff?

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Yeah, we thought so. That’s okay, so do we! We want to provide the best value possible for our customers, and what better value is there than a great product for FREE?!

That’s why I need you to know about our referral program. It’s important to us that we do work that our customers love and are proud of. We want you to be so proud of your website that you become our newest marketer!

Here’s the Scoop

Assuming you have a Managed Website with us, we invite you to refer friends, family, and colleagues to us when they are in need of a website. You can be sure they will be treated with the same honesty and respect that you were, and we will be sure that our business is the right fit for them before entering into a business relationship.

If everything checks out and your referral signs on with us, your next month is absolutely 100%, no strings attached, no questions asked, no doubt about it, sho’ ’nuff,  — FREE. How’s that for a bargain? The best news is, you can do this any many times as you like! In fact, I don’t really care if I never get to send you a bill!

In my book, sending quality customers is more important than you sending us money, and we want to ensure that we have a great, rewarding system in place that encourages you to do just that. I really mean it when I say unlimited times – if you send me 5 customers one month, and they all sign on, your next 5 months is free.

The Most Important Thing

HOLD ON. One. More. Thing. All of this is absolutely meaningless if we are not providing a quality product. So the most important thing you could possibly do is let me know what, if anything, should change! Also, if you are overjoyed with the product, you should rate us and leave us an honest review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp! While this does help to support my family, I’m only in business because of YOU. If you are unsatisfied to the point where you would not recommend a customer to me, then something somewhere has gone wrong.

Let’s make it right so that we can work together in the right direction for our future and for yours.

Personally, I can’t wait to start giving away websites.

Thanks so much!

Steve, President


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