How Address Verification Benefits Your Business

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Address verification is a system that does exactly what its name suggests: it verifies addresses to make sure that they are correct and are not missing any important elements. If your business relies on web traffic or selling services online (and it should!), then address verification should be one of the tools in your arsenal. Learn more about what address verification can do and how it can benefit your business.

Improving Search Results

First, address verification can help to improve the search results for your business’ website. If you haven’t already, you should be sure to verify your business listing on Google My Business and verify your business address in that listing. Doing this will make sure that when potential customers search for your local business, they come up with the right business and right address. Also, once verified on Google My Business, your business will then be eligible to rank higher in search results, helping more people to find you on the web.


Accurately Reaching Out To Customers

The second benefit of address verification is that it can help you reach out to the right customers. Sometimes customers may not input their shipping address correctly, which means you end up sending packages to the wrong place, costing you money and creating an angry customer. Address verification can utilize USPS databases to verify customer addresses, helping ensure that mail reaches who it should when it should. For your local business, that will mean that you eliminate costly shipping mistakes and can significantly reduce the likelihood of customers complaining about lost packages.


Preventing Fraud

Another great benefit of address verification is that it can actually prevent fraud. As an e-commerce business, you’re not able to check a customer’s credit card with your own eyes. However, address verification can serve as your eyes. The way that address verification does this is by making sure that a credit card’s billing address or bank information matches the shipping address. If there is some problem, an address verification service can alert you so that you don’t end up shipping out products to scammers.


Address verification has a number of great benefits that can help you and your business succeed. Verifying your address can help your SEO because your business can rank more highly in search results. In addition, it can help to make sure that you’re reaching the right customers by checking shipping addresses and to prevent costly fraud by checking credit card or banking information.

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