5 Ways Coaching and Consulting Businesses Can Use Reviews as Part of Their Marketing Strategy

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There are many ways to market your coaching or consulting business to your target demographics. One of these is to use your own customers’ reviews. Several review methods are out there to help you to boost your company’s image as well as boost customer engagement. Here are five top ideas you can use reviews for as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Include Them on Your Website

One thing you can do is place a customer survey on your site. This is especially good if you don’t have many testimonials. If you go this route, be sure that you include questions that are targeted to promote certain aspects of your business you wish to promote. This is a great way in which to get valuable feedback.

Survey results may be displayed on your website, along with other types of reviews. They make it possible to adjust or improve upon what your business has to offer in terms of services and products. 

Spruce Up Your SEO

Reviews are said to be an excellent local search ranking factor. Online reviews can boost your business in local search rankings. So, it’s important you know what each platform’s policies are if your business has a presence on it. Every website has different guidelines when it comes to what it allows you to do with asking for reviews. If you don’t go along with these guidelines, you can get into some serious trouble, such as having your profile taken down or shaming by customers or the platform admins themselves. An example is Yelp expects that companies avoid asking customers for reviews.

No matter which platform you focus on, it’s crucial to remember the following: don’t ever pay for reviews. Even if they’re real reviews from people who have used your services or products, this isn’t a good practice. 

Kudos to the Owner Who Responds to Reviews

A good rule of thumb is to write a strategy for finding and responding to reviews. You can plan something that aligns with your business’s policies and vision. It can be quite surprising when this happens, but some customers actually will update reviews and give higher star ratings if the owner takes the time to personally address any matters of concern in the reviews. 

Case Studies Are Key

Any company knows that positive reviews are its prime boosting factor. You can reach out to these customers and see if they’ll put together case studies for you. This consists of discussing the before and after of using the product or service. It showcases what the product or service was able to do for them or how it solved a problem in their lives. This usually features hard data in order to prove the direct impact it has had on their sales or leads.

Use case studies for various parts of your site. You also can use them in your videos, social media marketing, and any staff training materials. 

How to Treat Negative Reviews

Most individuals will not completely write you off when they see a negative review. What really matters is that you have a transparent business with management and staff members who act with honesty and have a sense of humanity.

When you respond to negative comments or reviews, you have the opportunity to frame your own story. At the same time, you’ll be showing any unsatisfied customers that you acknowledge their experiences and opinions. You even can inject some humor into your response and turn it around into a success story.

As long as you’re mindful, you have integrity, and you use your greatest resources available, you can make reviews work for your business. Your marketing strategy should be assessed and changed up a bit over time. However, with tried-and-true methods, you’ll surely see a great deal of success.

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