3 Ways We Help Small Businesses Grow and Succeed

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Every small business owner that I’ve ever met desires to do one thing: Grow!

If that’s not your goal, I can respect that, for sure, but our business model is centered around the growth and success of YOUR business–ours simply grows as a result of your success.

If you visit the homepage of our site, you will find the words, “Helping you grow. Watching you succeed.” We want to take steps to prepare you for the “big game,” then stand on the sidelines and cheer you on!

The question you might have is, “How do you do that?” In fact, since we’ve been asked that before a time or two, I thought I would write a short blog that outlines our three-step process.

This is not how everyone aims to do things, but it works for us, and it makes sense logically.

Step 1. Understand Your Organization


The first and most important step is to understand your organization. Quite literally, the more detail we have about you, your business, how you define success, milestones you want to hit, etc., the better we can tailor a solution to fit your desired growth pattern. Practically speaking, this could involve any number of data points. For example, your current vs. target number of website visitors, your acquisition cost per customer, the kind of information your customers need on their buying journey, how your businesses helps its customers, the desired “voice” you want to communicate in, specific business goals for the next five years, marketing ideas that have succeeded/failed for you in the past…and the list goes on and on! We are out for more than just designing websites. We want to help your business establish itself and grow in the marketplace, and we want to stand there beside you as it does.

Step 2. Communicate Your Value


The goal of step one from our perspective is two-fold. First, by understanding your goals, we learn about your business and what success looks like. But secondly, it helps us understand what specific value you bring to your potential customers, which in turns helps us to communicate that value to them. Since marketing is really at the core of what we do (even though I personally hate the term), there is nothing more important, really, than how we market your organization! This means we want the content to look and feel right, the website to have a solid design, all of your digital marketing elements to work incoherence with one another, the copy to be effective, and your brand voice to be consistent. Communication is everything, so it’s important to get this step right! Once we do this, we can get down to the heart of what we do–helping you build trust and win more customers.

Step 3. Build Trust; Win More Customers


Hopefully, you can see how these steps work together, and even overlap in a few places. If you want to grow in this era of Internet Marketing, you will HAVE to (1) build trust with those you whom you hope will do business with you and (2) win more customers so you can grow that bottom line and expand your business! While this all sounds pretty good, there are a few practical elements that go into this strategy such as blogging, a sales funnel, Social Media, email marketing, and a website to be your “home base” to make all these things work. These days, as long as you have a good product, the road map to success is mostly just a formula–doing what works, over and over again. Consistency is key. If you stay in the game longer than five years, your business will beat others simply because you’re still around!

[bctt tweet=”Consistency is key. If you stay in the game, your business will beat others!” username=”northmacsvc”]

This pattern may not spell out success for everyone, but this has been an effective methodology for our business.

If you’re ready to start growing, why not reach out? We have affordable monthly website plans and content marketing plans.

If nothing else, contact us to schedule a growth planning call. We can evaluate your situation, and see if our services would be a good for your organization.

Discussion Question: Has your business been experiencing growth and success? Let us know what works and what doesn’t in the comments below!


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