A Practical Tip for Blogging Well — Share What Others Have to Say

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In a recent post, legal technology blogger Kevin O’Keefe had much to say about sharing others’ work. (Admittedly, this post is pretty meta.)

An early adopter, advocate, and authority in the blogging space, Kevin’s words are more than useful—they are golden. And, they provide for us a magnificent learning opportunity.

Far too many people today blog based on their own knowledge as an expert on a subject without referencing anyone. It’s a breath of fresh air, as an authority and long time blogger in a niche, for someone to cite what I said and why. I remember those people as they stick out like shining stars.

This is extremely accurate.

What’s more, many who do blog as an authority today do so without the experience to back up their claims.

I have to be careful about this, too.

The old adage “under-promise and over-deliver” is still wise.

In support of his claims, Kevin writes:

Blogging started fifteen plus years ago as a conversation. I saw what you wrote and then referenced what you wrote, often inserting a portion of what you wrote as a block quote in my blog. I then provided my take or why I shared what you had to say. The technology then enabled bloggers to see if another blogger or reporter wrote about us or what we wrote.

The reality is that people follow interesting content, but few people love a one-sided conversation.

This, in fact, is why we are now living in an entire era of the Internet dubbed “Web 2.0.” It’s no longer about merely the content, but the conversation.

A blog takes static information and makes it come alive.

The only way we can keep the conversation going, hold each other accountable, and continually innovate is by making connections; organizations and thought leaders who blog have a tremendous opportunity here.

Don’t miss out on it!

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To your success!

— Steve


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