4 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

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Thanks to the evolution of technology, many companies have been able to make some of their positions remote. Working remotely describes when an employee does their job from home instead of the office. While this is a plus for most employees, some employers don’t like the idea of not being able to keep an eye on their employees. Continue reading to learn four tips for managing remote employees.

Scheduling Needs

A great benefit of working remotely is how flexible an employee’s schedule becomes. However, despite the flexibility, they’re still a part of your business and may need to adhere to a schedule. Granted, this depends on what business you have. Is your company big enough to allow some of your employees to work when they want to, or does it need a set of regular business hours? Regardless, you need to make sure the employee gets the job done efficiently.


With some of your employees working remotely, you won’t be able to talk to them face to face, so you’ll need to establish a way to contact them. You can set up a group chat on a platform or go with traditional email. While email is one of the most common methods of communication, many of the other popular methods don’t work well for remote employees. Having proper employee communication helps build trust and boosts productivity significantly.

Set Expectations

Whether they’re working in an office or from the comfort of their own house, your employees must always meet the expectations you set for them. Make sure to clarify everything you expect to see from your employees, especially the ones who work remotely. Let them know how often they must check in with you and whether you want to touch base before or after their shift. Setting expectations can build synchronicity between you and your employees for a smooth workflow.

Refrain from Micromanaging

One thing that you should never do with remote employees is to micromanage. It can cause an unnecessary amount of stress and tension for all parties involved. Furthermore, your employees will feel as if you don’t trust them. Instead of worrying about everything they’re doing, simply focus on the goal.

Remember that as long as they get the job done quickly and efficiently, the way they go about doing their work is irrelevant. No matter what your business is or how your employees work, you must always keep tabs on your employees. If you choose to have remote workers, take a few extra precautions for success.

For more ways to properly manage and boost your employees, read on, here!


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