How Can I Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews?

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The significance of customer reviews in influencing potential customers to purchase a product cannot be ignored. Having a higher number of reviews will also increase your Google ranking, which will make it very easy for customers to find you. Reading reviews also helps you to improve your business by resolving the issues pointed out by dissatisfied customers. However, customers do not always leave reviews after purchasing products. Your business can encourage customers to write reviews in various ways. They include:

Make It Easy

Simplifying the process of writing reviews will make it convenient for customers to leave reviews. A complicated process will discourage a customer from leaving a review. A business can make writing reviews easy for customers in various ways. These include having a link on your website that takes the customers directly to the review platform. Such a link is an effective way of simplifying the process. You may also attach a link to an email sent to the customer requesting feedback. Making links for Google reviews is easy for you and makes it easy for customers to leave them.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives to customers to leave reviews can motivate them to actually do so. These incentives could be in the form of discount or coupon codes, gift cards, extra points in your customer loyalty program or even an entrance into a contest to win other prizes. You should, however, know the rules. Be cautious so as not to appear like you are paying customers to leave positive reviews. That is unethical and illegal. Be neutral by offering incentives to customers regardless of whether they leave good or bad reviews. This is a very effective way of encouraging customers to write reviews as they get something in return.

Engage With Existing Reviews

This can be through thanking customers who leave good reviews and also engaging the negative reviewers in a bid to resolve the issues raised. This is a crucial way to encourage customers to leave reviews as they are aware that you are responsive and you also take their feedback into account.

Explain Why Reviews Are Important

Educating customers on why reviews are important for your business is another way to encourage them to leave a review. You could inform them that it is a way to keep improving the services you offer to them and help other consumers make an informed decision on the products or services you are offering.

Asking for Reviews at the Right Time

Knowing when to ask for reviews from customers is very important so as not to ask too soon or too late. The time to ask will differ depending on the product or service. If it is a product that takes a certain period of time to show results like a body cream, ask the customer after that time has elapsed. This will enable them to share with their honest review of the product. If it is a product or a service whose results can be seen right away, then it is wise to ask for a review as soon as possible. Good timing when asking for reviews improves the chance that customers will write a review right then after finding your product satisfactory.

Personalize the Request for a Review

Sending an email or a direct message to a customer, thanking them for supporting your venture, and requesting to leave a review is a great way to encourage them to review your products. If you are able to meet the customer physically, it will also be good to ask them in person. Personalizing the ask makes the customer feel valued and appreciated hence increasing the chances of them leaving reviews.

Use Social Media to Share Your Reviews

Social media is a great platform to engage with customers. There are many pages where you can share your product reviews. These include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing existing reviews on social media is a great incentive to encourage other customers to review your products or services. It will also show that you are committed to engaging your customers and their feedback, which may encourage them to leave reviews. It is important to note that sharing your reviews on social media could open your business to a lot of criticism.

Generally, more reviews on a product or a business will make other potential customers build trust in the product and hence purchase it. It is then very important to encourage customers to leave reviews on your business. This can be achieved by making it easy for the customers to review your product by using links to automate the process. Offering incentives as a form of motivation, timely asking for reviews, or even engaging the existing reviews especially on social media will also go a long way in encouraging customers to write reviews.


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