3 Reasons Why I’m Not a Website Designer!

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And no, the blog post title was not clickbait! In fact, I don’t really consider myself to be a website designer or developer!

This may sound strange coming from the owner of a “web design” company, but if you’ll allow me the space to elaborate, I think you’ll see my point.

Though I have always been involved in the creative scene in one way or another, visual design aesthetic has never really been my thing—just ask my wife! It’s only by God’s grace and her instruction that I no longer wear black with brown!

Similarly, I can work my way around many different coding languages and know just enough to be dangerous, but to consider myself a developer would be a harsh injustice to a person has spent years of their life dedicated specifically to the task.

But what I am good at is taking small businesses—brand new or otherwise—and setting them up with a solid web presence, getting them on the right path concerning outreach and marketing, and making sure their website is always working for them rather than against.

There are many ways we accomplish this. For instance, all of our website packages include monthly security maintenance and backup to ensure sites are never lost or overrun with viruses (this DOES happen—all the time actually). Also, we offer content writing services to help business owners establish themselves as an authority within their field.

Don’t misunderstand me—I believe we build visually appealing websites and can accomplish complex development tasks as well—but that is not the thrust of our business. You can hire the most fabulous designer in the world, but what good is he if he has no idea how to make your website come alive with new business opportunities?

Can you pay more than we charge and get an absolutely beautiful, intricately designed website? Oh yes—sure you can! And if that’s your game, you’re welcome to do it. Around here, we’re focused on two things—helping you grow, and watching you succeed. Simple. Anything that is not directly related to those two goals is not fulfilling our purpose as a business.

Briefly, here are three reasons in an attempt to justify our mission here at NorthMac:

1. We Offer Solutions; Not Products


To be honest, I was hesitant to use the word “solutions” because it has been dramatically overused, but it is the best characterization of our brand. Most websites are products—a company pays another company to provide a “Design and/or Development” service for a brief while. A handoff takes place, and that’s that. This is not our way. In fact, we refuse that sort of business. Here’s why: We’ve found that the long-term success of a business can be directly tied to how successful their website efforts are and how much attention has been given to their site. We offer affordable monthly packages rather than “one-off” engagements because we’re committed to the long-term success of our customers. Simply put, around here, we solve problems—we don’t scratch itches.

2. We Strive for Function; Not Form


This very directive has caused me to start referring to myself as a WordPress Consultant rather than a website designer. If it sounds vague, that’s okay—it’s that way on purpose! I want business owners to know that the way I provide value is by working with what we have and suggesting new ways to make their business successful as it relates to their website—Wordpress, in this case—efforts. This ensures that function takes priority. Now, form is important! In fact, we work with a team of designers and developers across the world to help us accomplish things that might not be in my wheelhouse. I have many friends in the business, and have no problem getting things accomplished. But again—what good is all that form if the function is broken or absent? We feel that our priorities are in the best place they can be to make a positive impact on your brand.

3. We Love Business; Not Gratification


Unfortunately, many traditional design agencies are super focused on the idea of impressing. Just look at their websites! I love our website—but let’s be honest, it’s not winning any design trend awards. Marketing agencies are very proud of their look, and yes, it certainly attracts loads of customers interested in the same thing. But as a small business owner, it would do you well to consider your priorities. If you want a pretty website, that’s understandable. But it won’t solve your problems. By the way, I have no beef with traditional agencies. I just think that in many cases, their priorities are wrong! Around here, we love business. The idea of “killing something and dragging it home” just resonates with us! I’m not asking you to give up your dreams of a beautiful website by working with us—I feel we can accomplish that for you! What I am asking is, do you want to be known for your pretty website or for your business results? That’s an important question.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about us and our mission.

If you’re interested in learning about how we can help your small business grow and succeed, why not reach out?

We’ll be happy to assess your current situation and work together to provide a game plan to move forward.

Discussion Question: What has your experience been with other website/marketing agencies? Do you feel your business interests have been represented well?


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