How to Turn Around a Negative Customer Experience

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It is a wonderful thing to have happy customers. Unfortunately, not every customer is going to be this way. Despite your best efforts, eventually, something is going to go wrong, and a customer is going to get upset. How you handle this situation can determine whether or not you lose the customer. Done right, you could win increased loyalty. Done wrong, you could have someone smearing your brand name on the internet.

Fix the Problem

The very first thing that you need to do is fix the problem. By fixing the problem, you need to address the customer’s experience. For example, firing a rude employee is not fixing a problem. It may appeal to a customer’s desire for revenge, but it does not actually repair the poor experience a customer had. You need to focus on making sure the customer feels like they are valued by your company and reassured that they will always be respected. A very important step will be listening to the customer. You don’t need to concede to all their demands, but you should listen. Once you have taken care of the customer’s problem, then you can address how your company can prevent this from occurring again. This may require enhanced training, systematic changes, and in some cases, personnel changes.

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Respond to Comments

Often you won’t even hear about a customer’s negative experience until they complain about it online. It is imperative that you respond to your customer. Most of your customers expect a reply to their question within 10 minutes. Your response should include a reassurance that their negative experience was abnormal. Invite them to contact you offline so that you can address their concern. Avoid mentioning company or product names in your response as this can cause your online conversation to be more visible to others. If you fix the problem, you can often get the customer to change their comments or reviews.

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Offer Compensation

A customer has a certain expectation for quality service when they purchase from your company. If that expectation is not met, they will be left with a sour taste in their mouth. Even if you resolve the issue, they are likely to not want to come back unless you go above and beyond to show that you care. You can do that by offering compensation. Free products, free services, refunds, and or discounts are all great options. This may seem like a poor financial decision, but if the customer chooses to come back, then you will earn money in the long run.

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When a customer has a negative experience, you should view it as an opportunity. This is an opportunity for you to win back a customer. It is an opportunity for you to learn about your customers. It is an opportunity to improve your business. This perspective will help you turn the negative experience into a positive one.

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