Industries That Will Be Changed Forever After COVID-19

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The pandemic has had a profound effect on the world generally, but there are several businesses that are likely to be permanently changed after the pandemic ends. It’s important to know which businesses are most effective so you can make the best decisions for your company as the world works past the effects of the pandemic.


The pandemic has been particularly hard on the restaurant industry, and there are several changes that are likely to stick around long term for restaurants. First of all, takeout and delivery are likely to remain a more common part of restaurants even after the pandemic ends. Even restaurants that never offered takeout before started providing takeout and delivery options during the pandemic in addition to meals that customers can actually make at home. These kinds of changes have increased the convenience of restaurants for customers and are likely to influence the way the industry works indefinitely.


The effects of the pandemic on retail have been fairly dramatic, from the way people make purchases to the ways they want to communicate with retailers about those purchases. Almost 90% of retail consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

Retail customers are likely to continue to want a more digital and contactless experience as we move past the pandemic. Finding ways to keep retail convenient and contact free can be a great way to optimize the success of your business after the pandemic ends and set yourself up for a positive future.

Office Work

For businesses that have primarily functioned with employees working in offices, the landscape for the future is changed dramatically. Many of these businesses were forced to send employees home at the start of the pandemic, but for many of them they found that working from home has huge benefits for their companies. From increased productivity and employee wellness to improved revenue and decreased costs, the move to working from home when possible has proved very successful. New ways of collaborating have made this move more feasible and successful.

The scope and shape of many industries has been permanently changed by the unexpected event of the coronavirus pandemic. For many public-facing and more private industries, business practices are likely changed forever. Understanding these changes can help you to navigate the ever-changing business environment when the pandemic has finally come to an end.

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