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Back in 2015, I started doing some work for a law firm. I was doing their IT work. And of course by that time I had already dabbled in website design and other things.

And so I was really into that kind of stuff, but I never had done it for a company like that before. And when I first started doing the IT work there and then getting pulled into some of the website type of work, they gave me a mission.

It was my job to become a master at SEO.

I was supposed to learn all about search engine optimization and how to get traffic to a website. And that honestly was the catalyst. That was the thing that started me down this road of learning about internet marketing and even learning about online business and everything.

I fell into it very accidentally.

I had a really good business mentor growing up when I was doing some work in the recording studio that I used to work at where I played bass and drums, but he wasn’t doing online business type of work.

And so when I started learning about SEO and how to create website traffic and things of that nature, I started to learn more broadly about internet marketing and about online business.

And one of the things that I learned very early on then is still true today. It’s what everybody preaches.

And it’s also what I have preached in other blog posts: content content, content; Publish, publish, publish. Now, there are different perspectives on this.

You have some people who say you should be publishing a hundred things on social media a day.

You have other people who say one blog post per week is enough, and I’m not even going to speak to that right now. What I am going to speak to though, is a little bit of how to ease that burden for yourself.

Most of you reading this are so concerned with getting the right headline, the right content, etc. And those things matter for sure.

But here’s what matters more than anything else: Storytelling. Just share what you’re learning!

So if you’re in that boat right now where you’re, you’re kind of thinking, well I need content to share. I need educational content. I need to have really super awesome headlines, etc.

All of that stuff is good—and think about it, but don’t let it paralyze you.

So many people let this paralyze them when it comes to creating content.

When it comes to marketing for your business, just teach other people what you’re learning.

My content is just full of the things that I’m learning as I go through life. I notice experiences that I can share with you. And to me, it’s more interesting!

But the point I am trying to make is that I’m not just sitting here brainstorming content with the next thing to share.

I’m sharing things from my personal life that maybe you’ll find interesting. Lessons I’m learning as I read from other people, as I read books, as I listen, as I am actually interacting with people in my own business, these are things that I am learning, and I want to pass that knowledge on.

So if you’re frozen for content or you know, that you need to get started making content and teaching and helping people, but you don’t know what to share, just start by sharing what you’ve learned. That’s a really great place to start.

And honestly, you may never even need to move on from that. You may build a loyal tribe, a loyal base of fans and people who want to hear what you have to say just on that alone.


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