The Power of a Marketing Plan

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Does your business have a marketing plan?

I’m always shocked to find when business owners do not have a plan for marketing their work, be it via traditional advertising, networking, or digital marketing.

As with anything, though, there are liabilities.

Marketing can either work for you or against you. A well-thought-out marketing plan will help. Having no marketing plan at all could eventually tear down what you’ve worked hard to build.

How can a carefully crafted marketing plan help you?

A Marketing Plan Helps Your Image

Aside from permission, trust is perhaps the key element of any marketing plan in 2020.

Brand recognition is huge, but brand trust is ever bigger.

One of the ways you build trust with others is through your marketing plan. If you’re too pushy, it will show. If you’re a pushover, it will show.

When you show up consistently, people notice. They see a strong, consistent effort on your part to be there for your clients/customers, and a genuine heart to help them grow and succeed.

A Marketing Plan Helps Your Influence

In a sense, this point follows naturally from the last.

As trust builds, influence expands.

That is, you quite literally become more influential. Since people trust you, what you say carries greater weight with them. You become an authority.

Let me give you an example.

At the time of this writing, the world is enduring a crisis the likes of which many have never seen. We are just in the beginning stages (here in the US) of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you might expect, everybody has an opinion. And of course, everybody’s “right” and can point out to their favorite news outlet to “prove it.”

I am an evidence-driven individual. I want to be dealing with the facts, not speculation.

Thus, there are certain people who divulge and spread information related to COVID-19 who I implicitly trust to be sharing what they have good reason to believe is accurate information.

In other words, because I trust them to be careful thinkers and have reason to think they are (for example, one of my sources is an analytical philosopher), they have a greater influence on what I think about the current state of the crisis.

Sorry for the morbid example; you get the point, though.

When you have trust, you have influence.

A Marketing Plan Helps Your Impact

Ok, you may be sensing a pattern.

Trust >>> Influence >>> Impact

The more folks trust you, the more people are influenced by you. And when people are influenced by you, they share what you have to say!


So getting your message out to people via a marketing plan takes time, but in a sense, it’s just math!

It all starts with consistent content. What are you doing to create consistent content for your brand?

If you need help developing a marketing plan, reach out!

To your success!

— Steve


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