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I have always loved a good watch. I remember at one point in my childhood I had about 17 watches, and somehow wore them all regularly. Unfortunately I have always been plagued with skin issues as well, and would often end up with a rash on my arm. Being the Apple techie that I am you can imagine the heartbreak I felt when my Apple Watch did the same thing to me. I will spare you the gruesome pictures, but I assure you — it wasn’t pretty!

At one point I even thought that it may be related to the material that the Sport edition is made out of. So like any tech lover would, I found that to be solid justification for dropping another couple hundred bucks on the stainless steel Watch since the back is made of ceramic rather than plastic.  Unfortunately, the issue remained. So, I returned my Apple Watch to the store, and reverted back to the original Pebble I was using with a NATO strap (again, to combat the rash caused when the back of the watch touched my skin).

As I was searching through Amazon one day, I inadvertently found the answer. Enter Skinomi. Now — there are probably a bunch of products out there like this, but this  is the one that came to my rescue. It is a killer price point at only $9.95, and with a lifetime warranty to boot, I decided to pick one up. Through a fortunate series of events, I was able to acquire another Apple Watch Sport and for even cheaper than I had originally paid! I am one week in, and so far not a rash or even a hint of redness in sight!

Should this change, I will be sure to recant my statement and update this post, but for now, the future looks bright for the Apple Watch paired with the full body Skinomi protector. Hope this helps! Have you experienced any Apple Watch or other wearable rash issues? What solutions have you found? Comment below!


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