Why You Should Leverage Technology to Achieve Seamless Living

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Many of us have used technology to radically change and transform the way we do business.

If we were to really take inventory of our lives, however, I bet we’d find that many of us are cheating ourselves.

What I mean by that is that the technology we have available to us, frankly, is incredible–and, we cheat ourselves when don’t take the time to learn how to use it effectively.

The title of this post mentions something called “seamless living.” When I use this term, I’m referring to the notion that we have the ability, through modern technology, to make once-difficult processes easy and seamless in order to “do life” more efficiently and enjoyable.

There is much more than be said about this in just a few hundred word blog post, but this is a theme that I will write about often going forward.

This is because, while I don’t regularly advertise it, one of the things I help people with is achieving this seamless life with their technology. If you or someone you know would like to know how to use technology to enhance your way of living rather than complicate it, read this post and consider giving me a call!

This will be the “10,000-foot view” of what modern technology has made possible for you to do.

1. Organize Your Life


You know, we each have the same amount of time on any given day. Some of us are great at using this time wisely, and others of us simply aren’t! But modern technology has made this once-difficult task a piece of cake. We are actually able to take inventory of the things in our lives and place them in their proper context to one another. We are able to keep track of important documents, moments, and memories and recall them at a moment’s notice. Using organization tools such as Evernote and LastPass, for example, we are able to place systems and processes in the areas that often fall through the organizational cracks in our lives.

2. Prioritize Your Life


Not only has modern technology given us the ability to organize our lives and start placing things in their proper context, but it has also given us the ability to prioritize our lives and start placing things in the proper order. This is crucial—and, it is often the area in which we struggle the most. For many of us, the traditional to-do list just doesn’t work because it isn’t limiting enough. Thankfully, intelligent applications have even made this earlier. Using them, we can segregate out different areas of our lives and place important tasks where they need to be. We can divide what is most important to us and what things will ultimately be eliminated, automated, or delegated out to others.

3. Capitalize on Your Life


We only have one life to live on this planet. We must, therefore, learn how to spend it most wisely and take advantage of the time we have been given. It’s so tempting to just “live in the moment”—but a wise and careful steward of God’s blessings will realize that she has been put on this earth for a reason, and that nothing must stop her from achieving her goals. Modern technology should not hinder or limit us; rather, it should allow us to capitalize on the time we’ve been given. It should free us from the limitations of days gone by. In 2017, anybody really can be or do whatever they want, and this is possible largely because of modern technology.

[bctt tweet=”Modern technology should not hinder or limit us; rather, it should allow us to capitalize on the time we’ve been given.” username=”northmacsvc”]

Although this seems very high level and abstract, actually accomplishing this is simple and practical!

But one thing it certainly is NOT is easy. As my friend Cliff says, though, “I don’t need easy—I just need WORTH IT!”

So my question to you is this—Are you going to stop treading water and use the tools available to you to design the life God wants for you?

There are things in the world that YOU have the direct ability to influence and change. How much longer are you going to wait to take those steps?

Discussion Question: What tools and technologies have you found to make your life easier?


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