Common Questions to Consider When Creating a Call to Action for Your Marketing Campaign

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When creating a CTA (call to action) for your marketing campaign, you want to make sure that it is effective and actually inspiring your customers to act. Depending on where the disconnect between your marketing and your call to action lies, poorly conceived CTA campaigns can come off as confusing, forced, or off-putting to your customer base. Here are some things to ask yourself when designing a CTA for your marketing campaign.

Why Do I Need a CTA?

According to Podium, the goal of a direct marketing campaign is to stimulate a response from potential customers and get them to take action, so having a strong call to action is crucial. Without a CTA, your customers will be aware of your brand or product but won’t really have any incentive or motivation to find out more information or interact with that brand. A CTA doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy or dramatic. It could be as simple as providing a website or telling them to try a new product. The campaign itself is your platform, but the CTA is the message you are trying to convey.

What Makes a Good CTA?

A good call to action gets the point across quickly and clearly. Your call to action can be at the end of a promotional advertisement, but there are other ways to implement CTAs. You can include CTAs on billboards, buttons, even on your packaging and merchandise. They should use bold colors that grab the customer’s attention and strong language to indicate a sense of urgency. Employing words like ‘now’ and ‘today’ creates an urgent psychological time frame of when the customer should be acting. If you want to expand your business from this effort, the message should be “ASAP.”

What’s FOMO and How Does It Help?

FOMO, or the fear of missing out. According to Sleeknote, in our hyper-connected world, many people have anxiety that they might miss out on something, especially on social media. Therefore, FOMO is a great tool you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your call to action. People will be more inclined to make a move if they know they have a limited time before missing out on some kind of promotion or deal. Using a call to action with a time limit gets people anxious about not moving on the opportunity. FOMO is a great tool, so use it to your full advantage.

With these concepts in mind, you’re on your way to making a powerful and effective CTA campaign. While there is more to it than just these basics, this information will lay the groundwork, and with proper design and visual assets, you’ll be able to draw in more customers than ever before.

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