CarePhase™ Security, Update, and Performance Plan

One of the worst nightmares of any website owner is a hacked site.

Think this is not happening to your website?

The Washington Post reports:

A new report from security firm Sitelock has revealed that the typical small business website is attacked 44 times a day and software “bots” are visiting these sites globally an average of 152 million times a week.

Many website owners today are counting on hopes and prayers to keep their website safe. And while both hope and prayer are good things, they are no substitute for taking the proper precautions and protecting your site.

The cost of downtime

When I first began building websites in the early 2,000’s, I made a lot of mistakes. One of those was failing to properly secure the websites I built.

As a result,

  • Sites were hacked often

  • Viruses spread from site to site

  • Money loss resulted from downtime

  • Sites would be redirected to porn links

  • Search engines often blacklisted my websites

Unfortunately, these threats have not changed for the better. In fact, as the Internet has grown, they have gotten worse.

I can’t go back and fix those mistakes, but they provided a valuable lesson: The need for a proactive approach to website security.

CarePhase™ is NorthMac’s solution to the problem of website security. But we go much, much further than that.

We partner with the leading names in security, backup, data reporting, and performance optimization to give you a product that not only remains secure, but enjoys high-availability and a professional level of service.

Daily Backups

CarePhase™ ensures that, come what may, your website stays up and running. We back up your changes daily so you never miss a beat! 

Activity Reporting

You’ll get to see exactly what steps we’ve taken to secure, optimize, and grow your website each and every month.

Proactive Management

Let us handle the daily overhead. We’ll focus on hosting, security, and performance updates to keep things running smoothly.

As a CarePhase™ subscriber, you’ll not only receive immediate access to these great ongoing benefits, but we’ll provide hands-on website updates for 20% OFF our normal hourly rate!

Need to add some text to a page? Rename a header item? Add or remove an employee?

These tasks and more can be performed for just a fraction of what most pay—a benefit available only to our loyal CarePhase™ customers.

How does it work?

The process to get started is simple:

  1. Click below to book a quick discovery call to make sure CarePhase is right for you.
  2. Sign and return our agreement and authorization form.
  3. Enjoy a safe, secure, and speedy website for years to come!

That’s it!

Once we have you all set up, we will perform updates to the themes and plugins on your website as well as back your website up, all on a daily basis.

We’ll plug you in with Fathom Analytics (a security-focused alternative to Google Analytics) so that each month you’ll know EXACTLY what your progress has been from month to month and can take action to improve your results for the next month.

I’m proud to say that we have maintained a 100% success rate, having had NO HACKS at all on our server since implementing this program. But if something does happen, we will clear the problem free of charge before it becomes an issue for your website.

We’ll also send you detailed reports each month! These allow you to see the actions we performed and the steps we took each month to keep your site running at optimal performance and maximum security.

Now, you have a choice

You can continue along the old way, worrying if today will be the day your site goes down for good. (And if you’re not worried about that, you should be.)

You can continue along not knowing how your site performs every month. Worse, you can let your customers down and risk losing money every hour your site is offline.

OR—you can rest each night knowing that your business is humming along just fine, just like your website.

You can promise your customers that they will always be able to find you online. And you can keep track of your performance each and every month and take steps to improve your search visibility ands grow your business.

Become a CarePhase™ subscriber today.

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