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You know how building, designing, and strategizing a new membership takes weeks or even months to get done… and it’s SO confusing you hardly even know where to start in the first place? We’ve created the “everything you need to know” guide that will help you design a membership site that converts new members, keep current members happy, and drastically reduces churn… which means members stay longer, pay longer, and refer their friends! 

We have the solution to these problems (and many more, too…)

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  • Secret #1: Do this ONE THING to make sure you don’t end up hating your membership business.
  • Secret #2: The “hot and fresh” sentence that will eliminate all of your competition and make your membership irresistible.
  • Secret #3: How any average website can become a force to be reckoned with… practically overnight!
  • Secret #4: The 4 “not-so-obvious” keys to creating a design your members will resonate with.
  • Secret #5: A dead simple way to increase conversions (this one’s so obvious you’ll probably smack yourself).
  • Secret #6: A few tried and tested ways to keep your members coming back for more.
  • Secret #7: The “missing ingredient” that causes most memberships to fail before they ever even start.

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