When you approach a “website design” company, what do you expect? 🤔

That’s not really what we do here. 

Instead, we share what we believe. We communicate ideas that mean something to us, and if you’re our dream client, they’ll mean something to you too.

You won’t find out who we are by trying to grope your way around a website. So how about we just tell you?

We are a Christian-Owned Business ✝️

God is the pilot, he merely lets us take the controls every once in awhile. Many clients/projects we work with are openly and overtly Christian; any person working for NMS must be willing to work on such projects without qualification.

Colossians 4:6: “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should answer each person.”

We Take a Consultative Approach💡

Rather than merely “taking orders,” we take a stand as the “guide” in our client’s story (see Storybrand by Donald Miller). Once we’ve considered, researched, and established that a client’s request should be carried out, we will agree with the client on the ideal scope of work and then schedule the work into our calendar.

Our websites do things. ⚙️

No doubt, design is important. Our team places a strong emphasis on User Experience Design. But if you’re looking for someone to design your online brochure site, look elsewhere. Our clients need websites that create results and do something.

Need a membership site, online course, sales funnel, advanced forms, lead generation, or something else? We’re your people.

We Are Wrong, Sometimes 😅

Despite the consultative approach we take, we are not always right. Sometimes we are wrong about a client or a client’s needs, but we are NEVER wrong about our values. They are where we take a stand, even at the expense of a business relationship.

We Care About Function AND Form 👓

You might have heard it said, “function before form.” Ironically, most agencies are “design” agencies primarily. NMS seeks to balance the two. We will never sacrifice function for form, but when we present a draft of work to a client, it will be our best effort at matching the function AND form with their wishes and according to their brand.

We Make Decisions Based on Evidence and Data 👨🏻‍💻

To the extent possible, we make all design and functionality decisions based on evidence and data instead of personal preference.

We Radically Overcommunicate 💬

In seven years of business at the time of this writing, a client has never complained because we were too forthcoming or communicated too much.

For some reason, web agencies have a bad habit of ghosting their clients. We will NOT become that agency. Communication does not have to be immediate (we prefer asynchronous communication if at all possible!), but it does need to be consistent and thorough.

We Read, Listen, and Watch 🤓

Our business does not grow unless we grow ourselves. NMS employees and contractors spend time reading, watching, and listening to learn from others.

We Schedule Work 📆

“What gets scheduled gets done.” – Michael Hyatt

At NMS, the calendar matters. But instead of determining the scope of a project and then setting a reasonable timeline, we set predetermined timelines, and adjust the scope by what we think we can accomplish during that time. Another way to put this is “fixed time, variable scope.”

We Set Firm and Clear Expectations 🏁

This flows naturally out of our commitment to radical overcommunication. We do NOT overpromise and underdeliver. If anything, we underpromise, are clear about potential outcomes, and don’t work on things that are out of scope just to gain favor with clients. Expectations for projects small and large must be set.

We Use Sales Funnels and Direct Response Marketing 💰

Built into our marketing process (called CREST) is the assumption that we use direct response copywriting, sales funnels, and automated email campaigns. Our most ideal client is a course creator or membership site owner who could benefit from these services.

We Write, A Lot 📝

Most client and internal communication is written and asynchronous. We prefer to work with good writers, because a good writer is often a clear thinker. Expect to communicate thoughtfully, in long-form, often.

For more thoughts on business, design, marketing, and productivity: steveschramm.co

Convinced we should talk? 🙌🏻

Excellent! 👋🏻  I’m Steve Schramm, by the way. I founded this business and serve as the Innovation Director today, alongside a small, skilled, and seriously awesome team of designers and developers. Just click below to get a time scheduled!

(I should warn you, we’re pretty busy at the moment; you might want to get a time scheduled ASAP just in case.)

We create websites that do...
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